Election filing deadline tomorrow at noon – an early preview

If you want to run in Knox County, you have scant time to turn in a petition for office. Like until noon tomorrow.

That said, it’s a pretty crowded field out there, so it’s basically up to the people who have already gotten their petitions to file by noon – a dozen or so people.

And, though this will likely change, nobody has returned a petition for the 2nd District of the Knox County school board yet. That’s the seat that Tracie Sanger won in 2014.

There are a few Knox County Commission races that are set to go into three-way races after the primary March 1, as follows, in three vacated seats:

The 1st District: Democratic candidate between Evelyn Gill and Rick Staples – who has run for office recently for Knoxville City Council – will be decided in the primary. That winner will face Republican Michael Covington and independent candidate Tyrone LaMar Fine in the general election.

The 2nd District: Republican and Democratic candidates have a primary in this seat being vacated by incumbent Amy Broyles. Near-perennial candidate Michele Carringer is going up for the seat against John N. Fugate II, who recently say on the Knox County school board. On the Democratic side, Laura K. Kildare and Cheri Siler are on the ballot, with a possible addition of Ann Curry – if she gets her petition turned in tomorrow.

The 4th District: Republicans are expected to duke it out over a seat that incumbent Jeff Ownby wants to keep for a second term. Challengers from the GOP include Hugh Nystrom and Janet Testerman, both well-known in the part locally. The winner of that primary will face Democratic candidate Marleen Kay Davis, who at this point has a clear shot to election day, unless Steven Friedlander turns in his petition tomorrow.

The 5th District: This is a straight-ahead race that will be hashed out on election day – incumbent Republican John Schoonmaker faces Democratic challenger Sheri Ridgeway.

The 6th District: Incumbent Republican Brad Anders wants reelection out west and will face a challenge from John Ashley in the primary. The winner there will see Democratic candidate Donna G. Lucas in the general election.

The 9th District: Incumbent Mike Brown isn’t seeking reelection. And at this point, only Carson Dailey has returned a valid petition for the Republican ticket. That could change tomorrow, though, if Republican Josh Ward turns in his petition and makes it a contested primary. Independent candidate Tom Pierce is planning to run against Dailey in the general election. Or it can turn into a three-way race if Democratic hopeful James “Brandon” Hamilton turns in his petition tomorrow.

The other county offices: Property assessor is a three way Republican race that will be hashed out in the primary – a chair that Phil Ballard is leaving. And Knox County Law Director Richard “Bud” Armstrong, a Republican, will see Nathan Rowell in the primary.


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A journalist in Knoxville, TN. Work (mostly) inside and play (mostly) outside. I'm a part of the X or the Y generation. None of us claim the other.
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