Go vote! Knoxville early voting ends tomorrow

… in this low, low terribly low turnout election for Knoxville City Council. And the mayor.

But let’s be honest. This thing was over before it started. You heard it here first (or second, or third), incumbents will take the day.

Short story: I talked with a friend last night about a Council race in her neighborhood. The race from a challenger to unseat a well-known incumbent has misrepresented some information, according to what she relayed. That’s about all I can say on the matter, other than to make sure you know your candidates.

We’ve written on these city elections repeatedly in KNS, and it’ll be covered by our very capable city reporter, Megan Boehnke, on Tuesday.

Even with the turnout low, go vote. Because in these races, your vote is like having two votes (or something like that). I’m going to peg the over/under at 9 percent turnout. And take the under. Prove me wrong, please. Tomorrow is the last day for early voting.

One more story: I moved from one Knoxville district to another this year. Early voting is really good for those like me who have moved but not updated their registration information. So do that if  need be. I’ll be out today to cast a ballot.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be great if Election Day were a national holiday? Wouldn’t that be cool – to go vote, have the day off and then have a long lunch or hang out with the family and watch returns come back? What would that do for turnout?

And while we’re in the election spirit, go check out this movie if you like irreverent comedy. It’s streaming on Netflix now, and hilarious:

From Paste magazine on Election:

Year: 1999
Director: Alexander Payne
A high-school election for student body president turns into a darkly comic satire on politics and sexuality in one of Alexander Payne’s uproarious takedowns of Midwestern values. The election turns into a struggle of wills between Matthew Broderick’s wormy high-school teacher and Reese Witherspoon’s overbearing know-it-all Tracy Flick, but resentful mediocrity doesn’t stand a chance against relentless ambition. With a hyper-capable schoolkid surrounded by hilariously flawed characters, Election could be Rushmore’s cynical classmate.—Curt Holman


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A journalist in Knoxville, TN. Work (mostly) inside and play (mostly) outside. I'm a part of the X or the Y generation. None of us claim the other.
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