Into the numbers: Detail on the county’s $4M surplus

Foster Arnett wants to move. Well, kind of.

In today’s KNS, we had a story on the county’s surplus. It’s a fairly typical thing – for good financial managers – to have a little coin left over at the end of the year. Chris Caldwell, the

Chris Caldwell

Chris Caldwell

county’s finance director, is one of these types who budgets conservatively under the direction of Mayor Tim Burchett.

When the books close on the year, then it’s time to see what’s left over. Here’s the full sheet: Summary of surplus spending.

Coming back to County Clerk Foster Arnett, he’s looking at a potential move with Halls and Farragut options involved. If so, then there’s $175,000 there to be spent on the move.

“The clerk is possibly looking to relocate two satellite offices,” Caldwell said. “This doesn’t mean that they’re going to relocate. They’re exploring the options. I’ve put money aside to use in case they do relocate one or both offices.”

This money set aside is like the $500,000 in hold for potential salary adjustments as the county moves its employees to a new pay grade system. Caldwell said that money would help bring county employees to a correct level after a salary survey. It may not all be used, but the money is there in case it’s needed.

Here’s the rest from today’s report. And this is from last year’s surplus, in case you’re itching for the greatest hits.

And while we’re talking greatest hits, here’s something to listen to while you peruse the spreadsheet:


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One Response to Into the numbers: Detail on the county’s $4M surplus

  1. David says:

    Once again Arnett is wasting money. Hall’s office has parking and and in a good location. Farragut office is already an open spaced office. Why doesn’t he use some of his “saved the taxpayers over $600,000” and help the twenty plus year employees with similar raises like he has given his friends that he brought into the office with him. Arnett is nothing but an egotistical, half truth liar. Go back to 2008 – 2015 and check his salary suits. Noticed at the Commission meeting , he took a swipe at your reporting too. I have no doubt that Arnett is in it for the money. He has never contradicted anything I have said about him. Doesn’t deserve to be in office.

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