UPDATE II: Local mayors and others react on SCOTUS ruling supporting same-sex marriage

Big ruling today from the Supreme Court. Here’s what Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero said, through a release:

As a signer of the Mayors’ Brief in support of the plaintiffs, I am thrilled and thankful for this ruling. It is great news for our LGBT family members, friends and neighbors. And really, it is great news for all of us. A society that fully values and respects all of its members is a more fair and just society for us all. As a Knoxvillian, I am especially proud of Valeria Tanco and Sophy Jesty for their role in this historic case. They stepped forward on behalf of LGBT families and their allies across Tennessee, and we all owe them a debt of gratitude. I know what will mean the most to them is the simple fact that their marriage will now be legally recognized just as much in Knoxville as it was in New York.

She’s having a news conference in her office later today. What questions would you ask her? Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett’s reaction was much shorter, but supportive of the ruling:

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, same-sex marriage is now the law of the land, and I and my staff will work with state and other local officials to ensure that we comply with today’s Supreme Court ruling.

Here’s the Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini:

With today’s decision we see that love and respect has triumphed and we rejoice knowing that every person has the right to marry the person they love. Today is a day that Democrats celebrate with those couples as they build strong families while securing a future for themselves, in Tennessee and across our nation. Justices ruled in the landmark decision that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutionally protected right to marry and that states must recognize those marriages. The justices found that the right to marry for same-sex couples is protected under the 14th Amendment.

And the Tennessee Republican Party Chair Ryan Haynes:

Tennesseans overwhelmingly voted to define marriage as between one man and one woman. If a change was to be made, it should have been allowed to play out through the democratic process but, unfortunately, today’s judicial activism short-circuits that ability. While this has long been pushed by the Democrats’ agenda, the issue is far from settled.

Here’s County Clerk Foster Arnett, who, like the Sevier County Clerk Karen Cotter, is waiting until the Tennesse Attorney General issues a statement at 3 p.m. Arnett:

It’s real simple. We’re waiting on the Tennessee Attorney General to rule, and that’s all we’re going to say.


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