Dems elect party leadership in Knox Co

From a release:

Cameron Brooks-  Chair
Jackie Clay-  Vice- Chair
Shannon Webb-  Secretary
Emily Gregg-  Treasurer

Additionally, new members of the Board of Governors was elected-  Click HERE to see a listing of members.

Finally, below is a statement from new Chairperson Cameron Brooks, which was read at the convention.

I first want to thank you for electing me as your vice chair two years ago.  It has been a great labor of love working with all of you and I am greatly appreciative of the trust you put into me when electing me two years ago.  I am running for chair of the Knox county Democratic party because I want to bring my over ten years of experiences in organizing with the Communications Workers of America and other organizations to this important struggle- that of building our local democratic party.  I pledge to you to give 100% over these next two years to do exactly that.

We need to continue to build and strengthen our party- we’ve made progress over these past two years but much more work needs to be done.

We need to further strengthen our ties with labor unions and community based organizations that are part of our democratic constituency groups- whether they be environmental organizations, immigrant organizations, lgbt, women, and organizations fighting for affordable healthcare.  We need to be seen as the voice in the electoral arena for these causes.

By doing this, and standing for these issues, we’ll be a party that is a real democratic alternative,  something voters can be excited about!  Building our democratic brand is something important that we will devote time and energy to.

From now until the candidate filing deadline, we need to recruit candidates for county, state house, and state senate races in 2016.  We need good, qualified democratic candidates so voters will have real choices to make next year.  We will work with the TNDP and new chairperson Mary Mancini to achieve these goals.

We need to continue volunteer recruitment and base building-  Volunteers are the lifeblood of our party-  we need to recruit more volunteers and  build up our precinct organizations and get people involved in their communities.  Our 9 districts can lead the way in this important endeavor.

We need to hire a county field organizer to work on the 2016 county races-  staffing is very important for campaigns and is a critical area for success of any campaign.  This person will be involved in helping candidates fundraise, recruit volunteers, use votebuilder, and mobilize their volunteers through phone banking and door to door.

We need an increased focus on fundraising-  not only through Truman day, but through other events and also through email solicitation.  There is a ton of money that we leave on the table by not asking of folks to give.  We must change that and improve our fundraising apparatuses.

I pledge to you that I will work hard for you and I will also have an open door to everyone who has an idea or even a criticism.  We need all heart and minds to move forward.  We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.  Now is the time for us to roll up our sleeves and get involved.


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  1. mellisa turon says:

    Jackie clay is a homewrecker..and is currently sleeping with/living with a married man

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