Candidate Forum tonight at West H.S. – Briggs called “evil”

Commissioners Jeff Ownby and Amy Broyles are crossing the aisle to bring joint town hall meetings to the community and have their first one scheduled for 6 p.m. today at West High School.

The theme tonight: Campaigns and Elections.

Cheri Siler, the Democrat running against Republican Richard Briggs for the Tennessee state Senate 7th District seat, said that she plans to be there in a release that included this spooky Halloween-themed video:

Basically, it rehashes a lot of the issues from the Siler camp that have been discussed before.

The ad calls out Briggs for not debating Siler, and asks voters to vote against the “evil” that would be Briggs.

It will be interesting to see who (and who doesn’t) show up at the forum this evening.

As for the forum itself, Democrat Broyles and Republican Ownby have annonced that they plan to have a series of forums around Knox County, not unlike what Republicans Ed Brantley and Bob Thomas have done:

But the Republican/Democrat thing is somewhat unique here. Politically Broyles and Ownby are far apart. But they’ve become buddies via some health issues. We did a story on his health problems over the weekend, excerpted here:

He credited his wife and family for help getting healthy, and fellow commissioner Amy Broyles.

That last shout-out is of note because the Republican Ownby and Democrat Broyles often butt heads on political matters during Commission meetings.

“We can agree or disagree on issues, but at the end of the day we can walk off the stage and we’re friends,” Ownby said. “She’s been through it all herself, with her health issues.”

Broyles has seen her share of medical difficulty.

Under pressure from then-commissioner R. Larry Smith over travel in 2013, she shrugged off scrutiny in a meeting by saying, “since being elected to Commission, I have survived a shooting, two brain surgeries, a concussion, five cerebrospinal fluid leaks, viral meningitis, eight kidney stones, a tumor removed from my upper chest, a uterine hemorrhage and the beginning of menopause.”

Broyles said she and Ownby have bonded.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “over hospital visits.”



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