Brown goes cruisin, Ownby drops weight and other Commissioner tidbits


Knox County Commissioner Mike Brown just got back from a Mediterranean cruise that included stops in Italy and Spain and other spots in the Hinder Sea.



But travelling isn’t his thing, he said. And after his first cruise, he said he’d never do another again.

“I’m a homeboy,” Brown said.

He’s got a house to look after, and one for his sister, too. And the barn. It’s common for the South Knox County Commissioner to field phone calls while he’s standing in a field.

Nonetheless, he embarked earlier this month from Rome and ended up in Paris.

“Other than Rome we didn’t see that much where we landed,” he said. “We toured a winery in the mountains, a leisurely half day there tasting all the wines, and I found out that black olives – you can pull them off the tree and eat them – but they don’t taste right.

“There were beautiful views, it reminds you of home a lot,” Brown said. “We saw Vesuvius, that destroyed Pompeii, and Sorrento for a couple of hours, a lot of monument stuff, and took a zillion pictures.”

Of course, he said, laughing, “I’ll never look at them again.”

Brown, 74, isn’t as much of a homeboy as he says, though. He’s traveled to Australia, England and has had a place in Mexico for a while, where he said he liked to relax.

Jeff Ownby’s making weight



In July Commissioner Jeff Ownby nearly died of a pancreatic attack. Since then he’s changed his diet and dropped weight – enough that his suits fit very loosely a couple months later.

“I lost about 33 pounds since July 2,” he said. “The first eight days were because I had to.”

It wasn’t hospital food, though, it was a fight for life.

“You don’t realize how close you are (to death) until you wake up three days later in the ICU and doctors are telling you and your wife that you almost died,” he said. “It kind fo scares you and it motivates you.”

Getting hitched

Recently elected North Knox County Commissioner Charles Busler is getting married. Again.



He’s a widower – his wife died two and a half years ago after 44 years of marriage.

Then, through friends, he met a nice young woman. She’s divorced and has been single for the past 11 years.

He said they both had some common ground, and hit it off.

“We’re both in our 60s,” Busler said, “And we’ve experienced a lot.”

The wedding date is Dec. 27, he said.


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