That county surplus – what’s happening with it?

So the county has some extra scratch hanging around after the 2013-14 fiscal year wrapped up, nearly $3 million.

And we got a few items into the main story earlier today, but here’s the full list:

  • Circuit Court Clerk $10,237 – This request is for expenses with the relocation of IV-D Child Support moving to Division Street.
  • Senior Picnic $5,522 – This request is for additional supplies.
  • Health Department $55,000 – This request is for dental office upgrades, and $15,000 for the indigent care program.
  • Equipment $100,000 – This request is for KRONOS Employee Time Clock Systems for numerous County Departments.
  • Non-Departmental $1,916,640 – This request is for the health insurance rebate, elected officials office furniture, special events through the County, for a behavioral risk assessment for all County employees for insurance related purposes, and the renovations to the Ben Atchley Nursing Home parking lot.
  • Law Department $18,000 – This request is for tablets for the office.
  • Attorney General $92,268 – This request is for the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System adjustment increase.
  • Sheriff’s Department $88,000 – This request is for DNA testing; additional building expenses for the New Narcotics office, and for Taser video cameras for patrol cars.
  • Engineering and Public Works $1,162,803– This request is for compliance with EPA requirements, foreclosed bonds, and facility renovations.
  • Defined Service Contract $50,000 – This request is for the Beck Cultural Center.

We’ll be talking with Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett about the extra money later today, so expect more info on this later. The spending plan comes from budget requests that weren’t honored in the 2014-15 budget. And, according to county communication people, the bonus will extend to all employees – Sheriff’s Office employees included.


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