Notes from Amy Broyles about the 2nd District school board appointment

We reported this already (here’s a link), and Broyles sent out the following note on Sunday to follow-up in detail on how an appointment process would work.

A little bit of context to keep in mind, as well – this forum is for the public, but it’s commission who will be selecting the person for a three-month spot. This (I think) will be the last act of outgoing commissioners such as Tony Norman and Mike Hammond, so keep in mind that these are the folks who are being lobbied – and you can bet that they are being lobbied pretty hard by people who want the 2nd District – even for three months.

Another couple points – and I’m thinking out loud here:

– Three months is long enough to initiate and terminate a contract for an individual in the government process. And in September there will be new incoming school board members. Watch for those with anti-establishment/administration sentiments among the 2nd District applicants, and how that could play out on the school board.

Commissioners Sam McKenzie, left, and Amy Broyles.

Commissioners Sam McKenzie, left, and Amy Broyles.

– In a possibly-related note, commission is picking a chairman, and Brad Anders wants it, and so does Dave Wright. Broyles wants to be Vice Chair(wo)man in her last year on Commission before being term-limited*. The vote-counters who want Wright/Broyles or Anders/Broyles could be trading favors for getting in the person that Broyles may want in the 2nd. I’ve heard (unconfirmed) that Sam McKenzie is interested in the V.C. spot too. In a side note, Broyles and McKenzie are the only Democratic commissioners on the elected body.

– Anyone who takes the appointment for the 2nd District has a head start on the November special election for that seat. They’ll have three months of free campaigning on the school board, and the public backing of commission. Whether that individual says they won’t run for office (which Commission typically favors when making an appointment for a placeholder), could be irrelevant. Politicians will and typically do say anything to get into office.

– That last point is why covering local politics is both delightful and infuriating.

Here’s Broyles’ note from yesterday:

Dear Second District Residents,

This Thursday evening, August 14th, there will be a Public Forum at 6:00 pm in the auditorium of Gresham Middle School to introduce you to the candidates who have submitted resumes for the three month interim appointment to the Board of Education, representing our district. At this point, ten resumes have been submitted.

The Forum is being sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Knox County Education Association, and Beth Haynes of WBIR will be moderating. It will be professional and very informative. It is absolutely critical that as many residents as possible of the Second District attend.

The format is as follows:
Candidates will draw numbers for seating and question order. Beth Haynes will introduce them, providing a brief summary from their biographical information. Questions will follow a rotation, with 90 seconds for answers. A timer will keep them on track. Beginning questions will come from a League and KCEA committee, and subsequent ones will come from the audience. At the end, each will have two minutes for a closing statement. Keep in mind that this is a forum, not a debate, and is intended to inform the residents of the Second District, as well as any County Commissioners present, of their qualifications.

If you miss the Forum on the 14th, there will be another opportunity for you to hear from the candidates – the County Commission will be interviewing the applicants at 3:00 pm on Monday, August 18th, following our regularly scheduled work session, and the public is welcome to attend. However, only the Commissioners will be able to ask questions of the candidates at that time. We meet in the Main Assembly Room of the City County Building, 400 Main Street.

I have also attached the resumes of the candidates to this email, so you may have as much information as possible as you consider the candidates, or if you are unable to attend either the Forum or the Commission interviews.

The appointment will be made the following Monday, August 25th, during the Commission’s regularly scheduled voting meeting at 2:00 pm. The appointee will represent the Second District until a new representative is elected in the Special Election on November 4th.

Between the Public Forum on the 14th and the appointment on the 25th, I respectfully request that you contact me, and/or your neighborhood/community leadership, if available, regarding your top choices for this appointment. I will be in close contact with neighborhood and community leadership to see if we can reach a consensus on the top candidates.

Please contact me by email at, or by replying to this email, to express your preference(s), and include your neighborhood or community affiliation and your street address. ONLY INPUT FROM VERIFIABLE RESIDENTS OF THE SECOND DISTRICT WILL BE CONSIDERED.

This is a very important appointment, and the best outcome can only be achieved with maximum participation from residents of the Second District.

Please forward this email to as many of your neighbors as possible.

In service,
Amy Broyles

Here is a previous story on the process.

*cwg from MP says that she’s not term-limited. This is true. Broyles, however, considers herself to have served two terms on commission. Here’s cwg’s note on the 2nd District appointment.


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