Broyles term-limited? No. But ask her …

Really, all 2nd District Commissioner Amy Broyles wants is a strong female voice on Knox County Commission.

Broyles is one of a handful of commissioners who would have been on commission for eight years at the end of this term, but are eligible for another term.

She said Monday that eight years would be tantamount to two terms of four years, and by that logic, she and other commissioners have served two terms. By well-known rule around here, folks on Commission and elsewhere can only hold an office for two terms.

Thing is, Broyles and a couple other commissioners were appointed for the first term to finish a vacated term, way back from Black Wednesday fallout (here’s a primer from the fantastic NY Times writer Dan Barry on that day). In Broyles case, she got two years on a term. Then Knox County voters chose to narrow Commission down to 11 members, with staggered terms. When Broyles won her first elected term, after the appointed term expired, she won for a six-year position. The two extra years were added to her second term – her first elected term, however – to stagger the terms.

Keep in mind that this appointment, the reduction in commission size and the staggered terms all came from a voting public working under a “throw the bums out” mentality.

So she could run for office again. Because she hasn’t been elected twice to Commission. But she’s already been there for eight years, across two terms. At this point, Broyles isn’t sure if she’ll run for office again. She said she would like to step down, but wants a strong female voice on Commission.

“I have served eight years, which is technically two full terms, but I am not term-limited, so I do have the option of running again,” she said.

She is the only woman on the elected body, and in terms of diversity elsewhere, there’s just one African-American – 1st District Commissioner Sam McKenzie.

“I am trying hard to recruit among the district. At this point, my options are open,” she said. ”

Asked if that means she’s looking for a qualified female to follow in her footsteps in the 2nd District, she said yes.

“We need more women, more African-Americans, more Hispanic people, more Asian Americans,” Broyles said. “The greater diversity you have in any group, the better decisions and actions come out of that group.”


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One Response to Broyles term-limited? No. But ask her …

  1. Elaine Davis says:

    Chuck Bolus was the 2nd District appointee on Black Wednesday despite Mark Harmon lobbying hard with Lumpy to get Amy appointed. Mark Campen was the Feb 2008 appointee for the 2nd District to replace Chuck Bolus. Amy Broyles and Chuck Bolus were the candidates on the Aug 2008 Knox County General election ballot and Amy beat Chuck. Thereby being elected to serve the remaining two years until the next election of 2010.
    Commission was reduced to an 11 member body and Mark Harmon chose not to run and Amy did for the single 2nd District representative. Amy was elected to serve the staggered 6 year term from 2010-2016.
    Since the commission was considered a newly created body, all prior commissioners’ terms were wiped out. So every commissioner serving on the new 11 member body was considered to be in their first term.

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