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Howard Baker Jr. live blog

Just got around to seeing this, but it’s something that’s been happening all day long from the Baker Center at UT. Our live blog from there had an interesting anecdote from Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett about an interaction with … Continue reading

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Lakeshore teardown underway

Reposting because this was an informative release from the City: Starting July 7, $1.5 million in demolition work will begin at Lakeshore Park, as crews raze nine surplus buildings that were once part of the state of Tennessee’s Lakeshore Mental … Continue reading

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Audio: The 911 call Rhonda Lee made to get out of jail

Had this story today, but got the call record this afternoon. You can check it out here. It’s pretty straight-ahead stuff. Also, props to the Knox County E911 records specialist who helped me pull this together. Makes me wonder if, … Continue reading

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Knoxville is close to conservative – fun with maps

Picked this up from and a former editor and colleague, a map that shows the most liberal and conservative cities in each state. Let’s break it apart some. The most interesting part, as it goes for Tennessee, is that the most liberal (Memphis) and … Continue reading

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McCroskey and the copiers

This wound up being a sidebar to the main story, but since there’s a document to back up the numbers, why not just post it up here? Knox County Criminal Court Clerk Joy McCroskey has bought some stuff for the … Continue reading

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Sometimes the story is about what’s not said, as much as it is about what is …

Been getting some good feedback about this story today. Thanks for the calls and emails, people. Folks are watching this, and some are ticked off. And many are asking questions to which the answers can be found here: If you … Continue reading

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Gators and gov’t types – look out

This time of year – after budgets are passed – is when your elected types and government officials tend to take their summer vacations. I’ve talked with a few folks who said that they are vacationing near the beautiful beaches … Continue reading

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