What to watch for in the Knox Co. election returns tonight

Sheriff – As said in my video debut, it’s really hard to beat an incumbent.

At-Large County race – Carringer and Brantley. Both of these candidates have well-known names about here, and the county-wide race is one of the few that have an open and uncertain outcome. This could be a close one to the end.

Criminal Court Clerk – Hammon, Hunnicutt and Williams – Has maybe the most attention for a race that a regular person doesn’t really pay attention to. What’s a clerk do? Handle a lot of the things that could get you arrested. It’s a lynchpin for the courthouse, supplying judges, attorneys and courtrooms with the paperwork that can get people arrested or let them walk. Hammond is a well-known name in local politics, Hunnicutt has a lot of favor among the legal eagles in the county, and Williams is a longtime fixture in county courtrooms. Perhaps one of the more wide-open races around.

School board – The one to watch here is out of South Knoxville, a race between incumbent Pam Trainor and challenger Amber Rountree. Though it’s just one district, many locally are looking at this race as a referendum on the state of Knox County Schools. Trainor has been supportive of the administration via her voting record, and Roundtree has been appearing at public meetings with sharp words for teacher evals, state testing practices, the administration of Supt. Jim McIntyre.

There are other races, but those will be decided in a single district, or in the August election. This is what to look for today.

Also – a note – in the video I mentioned that the primary is “boring.” That’s to say that there are not many Democrats running, or other parties for that matter. It’s a jam-packed field of Republicans. If diversity in politics is your thing, then it’s not a very exciting lineup. The August election should be interesting, but more because it’s a primary for state seats. Some countywide races will be decided then, and some school board races too, but most will be done after today.


More analysis, here and here:


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A journalist in Knoxville, TN. Work (mostly) inside and play (mostly) outside. I'm a part of the X or the Y generation. None of us claim the other.
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