County growth vs. Schools growth – fair figures

In today’s paper we had a figure that showed the comparison between growth in Knox County’s general fund and the growth in the Knox County Schools budget.

Something like .2 percent for the county’s general fund (including, special revenue and debt service) and 11.8 peercent for the schools since fiscal year 2009-10.

Looking at a more fair comparison, since 2012, it’s 4.5 peercent growth for the county and 9.14 percent for the schools. Read on for more on this …

Today we also spoke to Chris Caldwell, who said the math checks out in the story. They’re his figures, anyway, so it would stand to reason.

But it’s not a straight apples-to-apples figure. First, these are figures that take a $16 million reduction from the FY ’11 budget on the general fund side. So that would make a greater height from which to fall. Also, it’s best to look at the budgets under County Mayor Tim Burchett, since he’s the fella in office over the last few years.

This figure is far less stark in its disparity.

Since 2012, Burchett’s first fiscal year as mayor, the county’s general fund, including special revenues and debt service, has grown $11.7 million, or 4.5 percent.

Meanwhile, the schools budget has grown by a more modest 9.14 percent, or $35.1 million, over that time.

It’s Friday, so here’s a tune for you – tangentially related.


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