Vote early, vote often – early voting starts today

Apparently, some people get up early to blog about early voting (6:20 a.m.? c’mon!).

But others have a story on the newswebs.  And KNS also has a voter guide outlining each race in the primary. No matter how you hear about it, today’s the start of early voting. Now you know, so you have no excuse. Even if you’re not registered, there’s time. So go. Now. Vote. Like, later today when you have to run an errand, hop by one of the county’s 10 locations and cast a ballot in the primary election.

There’s a slew of Republican primary races, and the seats for sheriff and all Knox County Commission races will be decided in this primary. That last group of people set the tax rate, by the way.

Democrat Amy Broyles – not up for election – said (and has said before) that she’ll vote in the Repulbican primary. A statement from her:

I just hope we have excellent turnout! I believe local elections are possibly the most important, because local government touches almost everyone’s life every day in a number of ways, of which most people aren’t even aware.

I’m disappointed we have so few candidates, Democratic and Republican, on the ballot – no one should ever run unopposed. Ideally, there would be multiple candidates in every race, in every party. Democracy, and our government, work best when the most people possible participate.

Spaking with Cliff Rodgers yesterday, the county’s elections administrator said he expects a turnout of about 40,000 voters, with half of those voting early. And if you’re over 60, you can request an absentee ballot to be mailed to your house. Voting in your underoos!? You can in 2014. More info:

And, to bring it all around here, and since Donila has a little diddy on his blog, here’s a tune for you, faithful readers (OK Computer might be a desert island album – it’s on the bubble).



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