Can newspapers be in schools? And an election.

Over the weekend, cwg at the MP posted about this thing, where a friend of a school board member nabbed up some newspapers from a public school that featured her friend’s campaign opponent:

like any dear friend of an opposing candidate running for office would do, Kristy stole the papers and destroyed them

… and then emailed the school board.

The issues goes on, just read the MP post. But there is a legal question here, which is whether papers belong in schools (of course, we here at the world HQ of Knoxbeat would be inclined to say yea), so the next call is to Knox County Law Director Bud Armstrong:

“We’re not going to discriminate against the press by paper,” Armstrong said.

It’s an all-or-none issue.

“We’re all-in or we’re not in,” he said.

As to whether papers should be in schools at all, he said, is a matter for the Knox County Board of Education to debate. So, in a way, Kristy may have made the right move in emailing the school board. That is, if her motivation was to eliminate the Fourth Estate from being available in public schools.

Footnote: Props to cwg for all the hard work she does.


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