Proton therapy bill makes gains

Tom Humphrey had in the biz section today that a bill supporting proton therapy – which would require insurers to cover the cancer treatment – has favor of a House-Senate legislative committee.

And another story ran today about the Knox County commission support.

Meanwhile a group of local doctors oppose the bill.

I’m moving on from the story for now, but a few lingering questions exist – among them, the connections that our commissioners and legislators in support of the bill may have to the investors of the center itself – whether friendly or financial.

ownbyLast week I talked with Commissioner Jeff Ownby about the  the folks behind the Provision Center for Proton Therapy, and he said “I really don’t have any ties to them, not financially or anything.”

Also – and this is just a general observation – Republicans in a state that rejected ACA expansion are supporting expanding a form insurance coverage (though not, as Humphrey reported, state policies or TennCare). Jeff Ownby, who introduced the commission resolution, spoke to this point also:

“I’ve not every been the type (to say) ‘government needs to tell business what to do or how to run’.” he said. “If this is something that insurance companies can offer, it’s not going to give an extreme amount of problems. … A lot of things have changed since Obamacare, when we forced insurance companies to insure people.”


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