UPDATE: Knoxville High redevleopment will seek PILOT

UPDATE II: More proposals here. (h/t knoxviews)

UPDATE – Here’s the proposal for Knoxville High School:


Some details: 100 units of assisted living for people 62 and older. A PILOT application will be made early 2014. (It’s a Payment In Lieu of Taxes, a kind of break often used for redevelopment. Though I can’t see what the amount would be.) 30 parking spaces will be used on site, with the intent to use 40 others in the neighborhood. (Street parking?). LEED certification would also be sought.

Idle thoughts – you all think this is the best use for the building? How much input has the city (which does the bulk of the planning in the neighborhood) had on this proposal, if any? (They intend to seek a PILOT, so I’m betting it’s likely that the city is hip to this.) Family Pride has done similar projects around, has award-winning stuff out there and is used to doing redevelopment-type projects.

From a Knox County release. Looks like a $13.7 million bid from Family Pride and Southwestern was the winner for the building, which includes a plan for senior housing. Our crack education staff is working on a story with more info, so check back with KNS:

A building on Knox Heritage’s “Fragile 15” list will be preserved as part of a proposal going before the Knox County Commission at the board’s October meeting, Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett announced today.

In addition to preserving the historic Knoxville High School, the proposal by Family Pride Corporation and Southeastern Housing Foundation will also allow the iconic World War I doughboy statue to continue standing guard in front of the school.

“There is a lot of Knoxville history wrapped up in this school, and it looks like we’re going to be able to preserve it,” said Mayor Burchett. “The $13.7 million dollar investment that Family Pride and Southeastern are planning to make is great for this community.”

The plan, which was the winning bid resulting from a recent Request for Proposals (RFP), includes 100 units of senior housing and would create an anticipated 18 new jobs, generating nearly a half million dollars in annual payroll.

“Historic Knoxville High fits beautifully into our mission of preserving historic buildings, and providing senior living services of the highest quality at reasonable costs,” said Family Pride Corporation General Manager Rick Dover. “We are grateful and excited about the opportunity at Knoxville High.”

“Southeastern Housing Foundation has a strong track record of serving people in the community well, and this partnership is another big step in that direction,” said foundation President Chris Martin. “We believe this proposal will provide a legacy for this historic property that all generations – past, present and future – can be proud of.”

The Knox County Commission will likely vote on the proposal Oct. 28 during the board’s monthly meeting.


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