UPDATE: Mayshark on HONY

UPDATE: Spoke with Mayshark on this; scroll below the screen grab for that.

Our city’s communications manager, Jesse Mayshark, recently took off for the Big Apple – presumably on vacation – and ran into Brandon, the fellow behind Humans of New York.

HONY is crisp photography and quick profiles combined with dialogue and musings of the photographed subjects.

Presumably, Mayshark was walking around in a park when he ran into a man and his camera. This is what resulted:


No plans to editorialize on Mayshark’s “professor look,” or what that means.

But the site is a good set of portraits, if you’re into that kind of thing. HONY itself is, at its simplest, a timekill. At best – its a look into the fear, fun, failures and fantastic that weave through the people of the city.

UPDATE: Mayshark said he was just sitting on a rock in Central Park when a fella with a
camera walked up to him.

“I saw this guy kind of coming out of the corner of my eye, approaching me with the camera,” he said. “Being New York, I was afraid that he was going to approach me with something or sell me something.”

Turns out it was the fellow from HONY, which Mayshark is familiar with.

“Then he asked me a couple of questions,” he said, “and it started out with ‘the greatest challenge in your life’.”

Eventually the lost job-divorce story was coaxed out of Mayshark. But there’s always something that doesn’t make it onto the page.

“I did make the point of saying it was several years ago,” Mayshark said, “that’s sort of the less dramatic part of the exchange.”

And, for those out there who may have an eye for the so-called “professor look,” bad news: Mayshark’s off the market.

h/t Erin


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