Sixth District community meeting

Daniel Brown, former Knoxville mayor and current Sixth District councilman, held a community meeting last night with folks from the east and central Knoxville IMG_1626neighborhoods he serves.

It was lightly attended, but turned out to be a pretty helpful affair. Police Chief David Rausch showed up briefly, and said that reported burglaries have dropped about a third in the last year or so.

He added that most of the problems with stolen things that he sees are people taking things from people’s yards that are unsecured.

As the saying goes in my N. Knox neighborhood, Lock your #%& up!

Then David Brace, public service director spoke about codes enforcement – this is the busy season, growing season, for brush collection. Some points:

  • A couple thousand people are on the waiting list for curbside recycling, though that waiting list may be cut soon.
  • He said that about 60 percent of codes enforcement is from crews or city staff going around and seeing things. The rest is from residents who call in with problems. If you
    There were snacks. Free lightbulbs, too.

    There were snacks. Free lightbulbs, too.

    see some kind of problem with recycling, he said, go ahead and call it in. 311 is a good start.

  • Public service crews tear down about 60 blighted houses in the city per year.
  • Many of those same guys put up the lights downtown around the holidays. “And there are a LOT of them,” Brace said. “My guys aren’t in a real ho-ho-ho mood after that.”

Interesting note that I think most people ignored: An important milestone was reached with the naming of Christi Branscom as deputy mayor and chief operating officer after Eddie Mannis stepped down. She’s the first female to reach that position in the city (under Knoxville’s first female mayor, no less). And who brought up that point? The city’s first black mayor, Daniel Brown.


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One Response to Sixth District community meeting

  1. Christopher Johnson says:

    It’s sad that this man is suppose to be the leader of our district and he cannot get people to come talk to him. Isn’t something wrong here maybe that’s the reason things are the way they are.

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