More on Lakeshore Park planning

What do to with this great piece of land? The conversation began last night.

Plenty of people are out there with videos and websites to get input on what could go to the park. The city has a survey, too, asking for people to give their use of the park, and suggestions that other parks have, among others.

If you remember how planning went for South Waterfront and The Strip and Market Square, then expect much of the same for this process with Lakeshore. Lots of input, refinement, presentation of plans, meeting with stakeholders, etc.

This eventually will come down to money. How much is there to be spent? Who can offer some? Where will it come from? This could be one of those opportunities for the wealthy, the philanthropists, the people who want to help raise funds – and those with sweat equity and other resources to offer.

A question came up about the roles that the park’s foundation and KYS play there. In short, the foundation is the oversight arm for the park. City staff does work out there, but the foundation points out what in general is needed. Think of them as a nonprofit that works in tandem with the city. Again – that’s a really, really quick-and-dirty explanation.

KYS schedules the use and oversight of the ball fields there, again, in tandem with the city.

There are a lot of interests, including the people and public who just play and enjoy themselves there. Some roles (these are my words, purely speculative) could be defined, or redefined through this park planning process.

I’d like to see some sweet rope tire swings, but I think there might be a liability issue there.

If you want to give your input, go to the city’s website.


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