Jack Neely brings it together

I’m sure that any of the five readers visiting this blog are also likely to pick up a MetroPulse, even visit the website. Jack Neely’s role is that of critic and (when appropriate) cheerleader, and he does it well. Now Neely makes some pretty strong points in his latest on the identity crisis and self-perception of the city, and calls out a few folks too. Here’s his last column in MP, which I’ll quote in part below.

To the successful, Knoxville, with its low taxes and minimal regulations, was a more useful place to make money than a place to spend it. I don’t know whether this axiom applies more to Knoxville than to other cities, but it seems to me that, here at least, the more people make, and keep, the higher percentage of their money leaves town.

Call it hometown carpetbagging? Could work. Anyway, he arrives at a beautiful point – and I won’t disagree:

Anyway. Back to our original conundrum, about Knoxville’s habitual failure to strive. If it’s still an affliction, it doesn’t have nearly the hold it did 25 years ago. It’s a different era; it almost seems as if Knoxville turned with the century. Though it’s not always obvious outside of downtown, the word Knoxville’s starting to mean something positive, almost as an aspiration.

Go ahead and check out the link to get the rest.


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A journalist in Knoxville, TN. Work (mostly) inside and play (mostly) outside. I'm a part of the X or the Y generation. None of us claim the other.
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