On Bearden – some extras

There were a few comments and quotes that I didn’t get into today’s story on Bearden, along with a few points of history.

When we’re talking about neighbors of Southern Market who aren’t happy with the idea of Atchley closing,n Susan Worthington said she’s talked with nearby law offices and folks over at Jerry’s Artarama who oppose the road closing.

Mostly, she and others feel that it’s somewhat arbitrary to close the road, she said.

With regard to the recent history, The District so labeled itself in 2010 in a unified effort to market the area, and recently came out with some iPhone and iPad apps to assist with getting the word out. But while that’s 30-some-odd businesses in the area, the consortium does not include plenty of others, like Barre3 or Bearden Beer Market.

I talked with Chris Morton, who opened BBM back in 2010. One could say that he’s one of the area’s newer businesses – a place where plenty of independent shops such as his propagate. He’s good here in the sense that he doesn’t have much of a dog in the fight – not being in The District group, and not being all that close to Atchley:

On the long-existing businesses in Bearden: Basically, that was the reason I wanted to be there. With the long-standing tenants and the old guard and how well-respected they are … It’s Knoxville’s Sequoyah Hills flair and a bunch of really nice people doing things the right way, and sticking with each other.

Anthropologie’s opening and its spillover effects: The 25,000 college students that will bring, they’ll be shopping at Anthropologie. That redevelopment is going to bring more Buckhead-level mom-and-pop (businesses). I don’t think that, I’m hoping there won’t, be national chain-type stuff.

Walking in the area, outsiders coming in town to shop and growth of the area: I think that happens organically, we’ve got to have good councilmen and women in place. I guess they’ll focus on the movement of people first and to have walkability. I think that’s really close, I don’t think that’s very long-range at all. … I’m impressed that this is all going down and I hope that people from Nashville and Memphis, when they come to Tennesee football games, they come over and put a few extra hundred in their pockets and come spend some money in Knoxville.


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