Chick-fil-A sign opposition fires up again

This time, in Fountain City, where Scenic Knoxville is working to keep the fried chicken fast food place from posting a tall sign. (h/t KnoxViews) This has shades of last year’s work by neighbors in Bearden, who pushed (successfully) to bring the sign height down there from its proposed many-feet-high to its current “monument” style of sign.

Speaking of signs, while it’s not quite as contentious as the billboard fight has been in the county, the city’s sign task force has been reviewing its policy regarding sign height, size and so on for more than a year now (the city has a billboard moratorium on, btw). Compromise on the city end of things regarding signs has been occurring with public discussions involving Councilmen Duane Grieve and George Wallace, as well as others from Scenic Knoxville and area businesses.

A public hearing was held in April regarding the proposed sign ordinance, and next the task force will digest those comments and attempt to put them in the proposed ordinance:

All meetings are at 4:00 p.m. at KCDC, 901 N. Broadway

May 22, 2013 – STF meeting to discuss public hearing comments and give new ordinance to MPC. The task force will continue to accept written comment until noon, May 22.

If you really want to get into the weeds on this, visit the link below to see the notes from the March meeting – where details of the proposed policy were discussed in copied emails, along with a survey of the city’s sign stock and the proposed heights from individual members on the task force. Interesting, if wonky.


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