Sign task force height proposals – document

This document (a .pdf), attached to the agenda from Wednesday’s city sign task force meeting, summarizes the panel’s thoughts on what they think sign height should be. If you want to just jump to that, check out pages 6-8 in the document.

My guess is that Mark Donaldson’s draft policy will wind up somewhere in the middle, as these things tend to go – one side, wants to be able to have the option for bigger and taller signs. The other side tends to go toward smaller signs.

From The Melvins' '51 States in 51 Days' Tour Diary, Day 42: America the Bleak, America the Beautiful - at

From The Melvins’ ’51 States in 51 Days’ Tour Diary, Day 42: America the Bleak, America the Beautiful – at

Either way, existing signage will be grandfathered once the new policy is in place.

Again – because I’ve already gotten a call on this today – the Public Hearing will be May 1. Location not yet set.

Looking through the pages of this agenda, you can see the recommendations on sign size from each member of the task force. Each person’s initials are next to their request. See their profiles here.

And while I was looking up some art to brighten up this here post, I came across this blog post about Trevor Dunn’s run through Alabama (and if you’re into hard rock, check his stuff out. Be warned, though – it’s not for the kiddos):

Against a motionless, blue horizon stand an array of tall, lonely fast food signs; they hover in the air reflecting the sun off of their red and yellow plastic logos; irreverent, harsh bullhorns calling the sheep into feed; primary colors for primates. We pulled into the ten-thousandth gas station off the side of a barren highway, roaming the tiny aisles of the mini-mart looking for something to snack on despite having absolutely no hunger pangs. There is always a double-feeling of guilt in this scenario. One is personal — that I have no business purchasing this crap that I don’t really need. But, it’s like watching TV, I am mesmerized by the shiny packaging, the taunt of immediate gratification. I am a victim of the system I help create and I oblige willingly.

Hey, everybody’s gotta eat.


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