Henley delay, mayor’s comments

Don Jacobs is out on this story about the bridge’s delay.

South Knoxville is open, but you can’t get there from the Henley Bridge. And to use that again, the projects needs another year and $6 million. From DJ’s story:

State Transportation Commissioner John Schroer this morning announced additional work on the Henley Bridge piers will delay the opening until Feb. 28, 2014.

The extra work also will add $6 million to the $24.7 million contract to renovate the structure.

It will not be finished entirely until June 3, 2014, but will open to traffic in February.

When authorities closed the bridge in January 2011 for the $24.7 million renovation, they expected the structure to reopen no later than June 30 this year.

Workers in December, however, discovered deterioration on the three sets of pillars in the water that exceeded expectations, said Wayne Seger, director of the bridge division for the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Bummer. Ugh.

What Madeline Rogero said, in a statement:

I am extremely disappointed that the Henley Bridge opening will be delayed, and I continue to be very concerned about the impact on Chapman Highway businesses and South Knoxville residents … I appreciate Commissioner Schroer’s meeting with me and Mayor Burchett to explain why this delay is necessary.

Rather have it done right, right? Again, from Jacobs’ story:

“We’re looking at getting a lot of years out of this bridge,” Seger said last month while announcing additional work will be performed on the piers.

“If it means going an extra mile that will ensure a longer life rather than patching it, I think that’s the direction we’re going in.”


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