Want city cash?

If you’re looking for some money to run your nonprofit, then you may want to hit up the city. They’re taking applications for grants in the 2013-14 budget. The release:

The City of Knoxville is currently accepting applications from nonprofit organizations interested in obtaining a City Community Agency Grant (CAG) for FY 2013-2014, which begins on July 1, 2013.

The deadline for filing an application is 4:30 p.m., Friday, March 1, 2013. The City will not consider any application received after that time.

To apply for a grant, the nonprofit organization must operate within the City of Knoxville and must have been in operation for at least five years.

There are two different application forms. One is for organizations seeking a grant within the “Arts and Culture” category and the second is for other nonprofit agencies.

Priority in awarding will be given to proposals that contribute to the goals and mission of the City of Knoxville.

For additional information about the City of Knoxville’s Community Agency Grant, or to obtain an application, please go to http://www.cityofknoxville.org/citygrants or contact Jacqueline Clay at JackieClay@cityofknoxville.org or 865-215-2831.

Last year’s recipients in Mayor Madeline Rogero’s budget included:

Carpetbag Theatre, $10,000, up $5,000

* Clarence Brown Theatre, $10,000, up $7,500

* Florence Crittenton, $0, down $3,000 (did not apply)

* Fountain City Art Center, $2,000, up $1,000

* Hazen Historical Museum Foundation, $10,000, up $2,000

* Hola Hora Latina, $8,500, up $5,500

* Hope Resource Center, $0, down $4,000 (did not apply)

* Knoxville Opera Company, $0, down $24,000 (did not apply)

* Sertoma Center, $0, down $22,000

* Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble, $2,500, down $500

* Tennessee Theatre Foundation, $0, down, $20,000

Source: City of Knoxville



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A journalist in Knoxville, TN. Work (mostly) inside and play (mostly) outside. I'm a part of the X or the Y generation. None of us claim the other.
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