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Where Am I? Photo Quiz Vol. VI

We’re dropping the quotes for Where Am I?, but keeping the Roman numerals. I thought the quote marks were kind of clunky, though they may have been somewhat grammatically correct. Anyway, last week’s Where Am I? seemed to be tough for … Continue reading

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Knoxville and the rise of a creative class

Could a neighborhood for the creative class – those people who hold the jobs that innovate, move and change (artists, musicians, designers, architects, scientists and so on) – be forming along Jackson Avenue and into the Old City? Chuck Morris, principal of … Continue reading

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Bueller? UPDATE 2: “Where am I?” Photo quiz Vol. V

This week’s “Where am I?” UPDATE: Scroll down for another photo. Looks like you all need a hand. UPDATE 2: Scroll down for one more. Per usual, guesses go in the comments below. Rock on. Extra points if you can tell … Continue reading

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Document: Knoxville Chamber education survey

This is just straight information, poll results by County Commission district from the education we wrote about earlier in the week. Check out the .pdf: Education Poll results by commission district.    

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Food desert be gone! Bloomberg finalists up for public vote

Remember that Bloomberg challenge in which the city made the final cut and could get millions of bucks for their idea? Well, Huffpo is asking people to vote on the finalists. Pretty interesting. They’ve loaded all the videos on their … Continue reading

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Some more on the minority- and women-owned contracts with Knoxville

This was one set of docs gained from the city to help with this report, which received a good number of comments. Keep in mind that these are select contracts, and by no means the whole picture for work that … Continue reading

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Want 25 tons of hard concrete through your sunroof? Didn’t think so.

Some unauthorized people have been going on the construction site at the State Street Garage expansion. Bad idea. Construction jobs are inherently unsafe places. People can fall in holes that haven’t yet been filled, hit by careless workers swinging a hammer, or … Continue reading

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