What do Knoxville, Durham, Iowa City and Perth, Australia have in common?

… they’ve all been the subject of city  guides over at Design Sponge.

Yup, the Scruffy City got a nod over at the “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials,” a web site that is waaaaay too hip for a stuffy city reporter.

But check this out, if you get the chance. It was refreshing to see a guide that goes beyond just the Old City and downtown. And isn’t just about UT football. This one is broad without being too hokey or feeling corporate. Well done. Some excerpts, written by “Kate Irwin and Ariel Duncan, best friends since sixth grade and Knoxville girls to the core! Ariel works as a freelance user-experience consultant and college-application-essay guru at her firm, The Yes Woman“:

In the past decade, downtown Knoxville has undergone a transformation. New municipal parking garages (free after 6pm) fill up regularly. A free trolley makes a circuit through downtown. Refurbished public spaces like Market Square and Gay Street attract visitors who arrive to relax and dine after the 9-to-5 crowd has left. The up-and-coming neighborhood of Happy Holler in Old North Knoxville offers the area’s best thrift stores and cupcakes and completes its one-of-a-kind glory with a biker-themed coffee shop and a sweet bridal boutique. Whether you’re here for a few days or just a day, one event you shouldn’t miss is the Blue Plate Special, a live showcase of bluegrass and Americana music taped Monday through Saturday in the Knoxville Visitor Center from 12pm to 1pm.




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A journalist in Knoxville, TN. Work (mostly) inside and play (mostly) outside. I'm a part of the X or the Y generation. None of us claim the other.
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