State Street garage meeting cancelled

A meeting tonight that was intended to update the construction at the parking garage has been postponed to an untold, later date.

foundation 1-12-13

Foundation work. From the State Street Garage Expansion blog.

More here.

Starting Sunday, some real closings to our favorite downtown parking spot for movies will go into effect, with big changes to the occasional or daily users:

The only entrance to the garage for vehicular traffic will be on Union Avenue. Parking in the garage will only be allowed for monthly parkers. Other downtown visitors and cinema patrons will be directed to use the surface parking lot located off of Union Avenue between State Street and S. Central Street.

– snip –

The upper deck of the garage will be completely closed off as well as some of the additional parking spaces for this phase of construction. Folks will be on site to direct both traffic and pedestrians. Please be very mindful of all signage, flaggers, and other personal onsite. These folks are there to help you arrive safely at your destination. This work is scheduled for completion for this phase by March 5, 2013. The next phase will take place on S. Central Street.
… and as for the meeting:
We apologize for any inconvenience with the meeting cancellation for tonight. There are multiple meeting conflicts tonight and with the possible weather issues we decided to reschedule to another date.
… that’s the latest from our favorite humanized parking deck. OK, a real person is putting the blog together, but it’s more fun to think of a parking deck at its desk in the wee hours of the morning, just hanging out trying to do its parking deck best in the face of this crazy world, up against the parallel parking spaces and other parking garages that may be newer or spiffier. But hey, State Street Garage is putting in the effort, and getting the word out to its parkers.

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