Wanna make your own energy?

… or progress off the grid?

There’s a workshop at the Knoxville Zoo later this month on solar panels for people who want to get involved in the TVA program to expand small scale renewable energy systems. Via Sustainable Knoxville, and the TVA:

TVA has developed a long-term, sustainable renewable energy program known as  Green Power Providers. This program offers consumers, businesses and industries  across the Tennessee Valley the option to build renewable generation with a  maximum project size of less than 50 kilowatts (kW) in size.

Green Power Providers replaces the successful Generation Partners pilot  program that was initiated in 2003. Green Power Providers implements industry  best practices to continue helping add sustainable solar and renewable energy  in the Tennessee Valley. The new program offers several advantages, including  longer term contracts and a “fast track” process for smaller systems. Up  to 7.5 megawatts (MW) of renewable generation capacity is available for  purchase through Green Power Providers through December 2013.

“TVA and participating local power companies have transitioned from a  successful, but aging Generation Partners pilot program to a newly designed  Green Power Providers program.  TVA is in the process of aligning all of  its renewable energy programs on a calendar year basis to provide transparency  and sustainability in pricing and capacity levels.  This strategic  alignment is good for our local power companies, renewable energy developers  and consumers, and balances the need for clean and low-cost energy” says Patty  West, director of TVA’s renewable energy programs.

I was going to go with something about making one’s own juice here, and I

guess that could work, but then Jack LaLanne came to mind and it became hard to get carrot juice off my mind. And the TVA isn’t in the business of carrot juice. Silly.


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