Knoxville needs to get around, apparently

Either people want more and better ways to get around, or that’s what the folks at M’pulse landed upon after editing for the bulk of what Knoxville needs*. Transportation came up most in the 11 points of what the city needs. We’ll make it quick for you here.

Downtown pedestrian access: Not likely to see roads permanently closed in the Old City. Planning meetings are coming.

Sidewalks: Expensive. Everybody wants one.**

Bike lanes: New roads may get them, and old roads may also. A planner in 2013 will help prioritize bike corridors in the city. Broadway? Forgetaboutit.

KAT: Buses could look like cats someday. A new plan is coming (soon***) that will increase buses on corridors, in evenings and such.

*Most likely the list was whittled by using some combination of the best questions/responses available vs. a deadline. I don’t know the folks at Metropulse and certainly don’t contemplate their editorial decision-making.

** Every city I’ve lived in – all in the Southeast, all 10 of them – and all of the ones that I’ve visited, especially those that saw their downtowns grow, fall/suburbanization/return to downtown, have had the demand for more sidewalks. Thing is, they are not cheap and it’s not just a matter of putting down a strip for folks to walk upon. Regulations and property rights also enter play, so it’s not as easy to do as it may have been a generation ago.

**This is happening now, with public meetings in February and planned implementation in June, according tot Belinda Woodiel-Brill, marketing  director for KAT.

Oh yeah, and while we’re talking about transportation, check out what Don Jacobs writes on at the Henley Bridge. Some piers are needed, it seems. And while we’re talking Metropulse, Jack Neely takes up the idea of making Henley more for walking and less of a speedy thoroughfare. Also unlikely, apparently.

For those of you who stuck this out: “Cars, Trucks Buses” –


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