City’s Sutherland named to 40 under 40

Knoxville’s sustainability coordinator Susanna Sutherland was nominated by Bill Lyons (deputy for policy to Mayor Madeline Rogero) as one of the city’s 40 under 40 by the Knoxville Business Journal.

She’s been key on the S. Sutherlandcity’s work in EV charging stations, getting efficient appliances in homes and the work on the Bloomberg Mayors challenge in New York – which is ongoing. Knoxville is a finalist. She’s often working on several things at once.

From the story:

Since stepping into the newly created position in 2009, Sutherland has overseen programs to bring curbside recycling to city residents, home weatherization opportunities to qualified families, energy-efficient upgrades to city buildings, an infrastructure to support electric vehicles, and training for those interested in installing solar technology in homes or businesses. “We’ve been able to touch over 2,000 local businesses that way through training offered at no cost to them,” she says of the solar installation program.

The city’s commitment to solar power is evident at the Knoxville Convention Center, where solar panels have been installed. “Watching Knoxville do something that no other city in the Southeast had done was really rewarding to me,” she says.

She’s the only city employee named to the list.

See the full list and other winners here. Also, for more on the city’s sustainability work, check out the Sustainable Knoxville blog.


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