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Palestinian in Knoxville

The store clerk in East Knoxville had a flat screen television tuned to Al Jazeera. Among the stacks and racks of cigarette cartons, with Newport appearing to be the bulk of the stock, was a small poster of Barack Obama with the words “President Obama” … Continue reading

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Della Volpe: Keep watching the pension

Well at least we aren’t Illinois, according to Nick Della Volpe on the City Council forum: Illinois pension system is “headed for a meltdown.” It is apparently some $200 billion underfunded–although it conveniently reports less (about $95 billion) by using … Continue reading

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Downtown decorations

You may have noticed the crews around downtown doing the work to put up a Christmas tree and other holiday decorations set to catch light Friday. Mayor Madeline Rogero will light the tree Friday in a ceremony, and a related … Continue reading

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Update on Publix/Walmart, The Strip

It’s the laborious stuff that helps get things done, but nothing real Earth shattering. Talked with Bob Whetsel today and he gave a few updates on things. He’s the director of redevelopment for the city, and a lot of projects … Continue reading

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How likely is it that Knoxville will lose $1.5 M?

Not very. After reading higher ed reporter Megan Boehnke’s story on the amusement tax, I called up Charles Swanson to see what more he had to say about the tax. To catch you up to speed, here’s a bit of the set … Continue reading

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When Black Friday Comes …

The city has a few things planned for Friday, to kick off the Christmas season: At 5:30 p.m., in Krutch Park Extension, Mayor Madeline Rogero will join other local officials to celebrate the naming of Gay Street as one of … Continue reading

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More greenbelt updates, and notes

Over the weekend KNS ran an update on greenbelt issues around here and the state. There was one person who wasn’t in the story that we wound up later hearing from, Will Denami, director of the Tennessee Association of Assessing Officers. … Continue reading

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