We fixed the glitch

Just spoke with Mayor Madeline Rogero about this grant to Sertoma, which we had looked at closely a while back and again recently.

She said this:

They (Sertoma) didn’t make a mistake and come back and get special treatment, and they didn’t a make a mistake …

In all the line items that go into making a city budget, sometimes mistakes happen. One box may be checked in the wrong place and – whoops! – a good, noble group/government function goes without money. So the $19,650 that Sertoma had applied for but didn’t get back in budget time is being put back in the 2012-13 budget. Humans put these things together, you know.

Taking off the editorial “we” for a moment here at Knox beat (because there is only one author and you know who it is), believe me, I understand mistakes (This story initially said Ray hired Summitt) and corrections (the $2,460 figure was wrong here). I have misspelled names of people – journalism 101 stuff – more times than I can count. And reporters are notoriously terrible with numbers, so it’s probably even more.

More from the mayor:

It was a glitch in how the spreadsheets were set up. I didn’t readily recognize that they would not be funded at all. That’s where it slipped through.

It really was a mistake that was made in the way that the paperwork was processed. And when we found out, I apologized to them (Sertoma). It was not intended to stop their funding.


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