Green post: Arbor Day, Emerald Cities

Poking through the inbox, and came across this release from last week saying that Arbor Day is coming to Knoxville.

And there’s a capital campaign underway for the Knoxville Botanical Garden.

While one is the city and another is a private nonprofit, these to fit into a larger picture. As a city moves along its lifeline, having features such as botanical gardens and gaining notoriety for events such as the state host site for its celebration of Arbor Day all head to one direction, stated time and again by Madeline Rogero’s office: sustainability.

Her push to make money available for an urban forester also helped, which the release from the city pointed out.

Best as I can tell, hosting the state Arbor Day celebration doesn’t bring megabucks to an area, but it’s one more civic feel-good thing for people to see. Kind of one of those sum-greater-than-parts kind of things.

Speaking about sustainability, Rogero on Oct. 17 will be out to talk about “Emerald Cities: Urban Sustainability and Economic Development,” a book by Joan Fitzgerald. From the release:

In Emerald Cities, Fitzgerald shows how, in the absence of a comprehensive national policy, cities like Chicago, New York, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle have taken the lead in addressing the interrelated environmental problems of global warming, pollution, energy dependence, and social justice.
“Given my commitment to sustainability, I find Joan Fitzgerald’s perspective on what it means to be a green city very valuable,” Mayor Rogero says. Cities are major sources of pollution, but because of their population density, reliance on
public transportation, and other factors, Fitzgerald argues that they are uniquely suited to promote and benefit from green economic development.


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