Life gets easier

Making the business of doing business easier is one of the goals the mayor’s office set early on. This may help.

From a city release today about its participation in a state program easing permitting processes for stormwater regulation:

… instead of applying for separate construction stormwater permits from the City and state, developers and contractors will now be able to deal only with the City. 

“This will streamline stormwater permitting and regulation, while ensuring a consistent standard for environmental protection,” said Christi Branscom, the City’s Senior Director of Public Works. “We’re very happy to have been selected by TDEC for the pilot program. It is a great reflection of the expertise and professionalism of our engineering staff.”

The single permit system is scheduled to be in place by March 1, 2013. The other four jurisdictions designated as QLPs are Knox County, Bristol, Cookeville and Washington County.

Mayor Madeline Rogero said heading into office that she wants to make the city more business friendly. This would streamline one processes, taking multiple applications and reducing them to one action.

Coupla top-of-the-head questions:

What checks and balances existed that created a separate permitting system b/w state and city?

Will jobs be lost at the state or added locally as a result?

What new things might city staff now need to learn that the didn’t before?

What will make the trial program a success or failure? How is it graded?

Stormwater permitting is big stuff, since stormwater washes whatever we dump on the ground into waterways – silt, chemicals, etc. It’s why you see silt fences at construction sites and those “drains to the river” stamps on drains.


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