Knoxville “runs well” because of no partisanship

In their dinner Tuesday, Knoxville City Council began talking about whether they want to change the election cycles for their seats.

They want to line up all the At-Large seats with one another, or have the elections on even-numbered years to improve turnout. But the move to even-numbered years for elections might inject some partisanship into the elections, having candidates alongside county commission and federal elected positions.

“The city runs so well, we run so well because of no partisanship,” said Councilman Duane Grieve over the catered meal of barbecue from Calhoun’s.

And they discussed changes to reporting campaign financing, which George Wallace said “was a bigger deal, to me.”

Then things got kind of interesting.

“Somehow when the dates got passed, they were all over the board,” said Councilwoman Brenda Palmer. “I ran on such little money it doesn’t matter.”

What to report, and how often to report it came up. The state and local financial disclosures were at issue. Palmer felt like she was doing the same thing over and over with little changes between reports. And some said that if they changed the rules for reporting financing, then there would be blowback from the public about elected officials trying to hide information with the reporting.

“List them all,” Wallace said, adding levity to the talks. “I’m proud of who bought me.”


About Gerald

A journalist in Knoxville, TN. Work (mostly) inside and play (mostly) outside. I'm a part of the X or the Y generation. None of us claim the other.
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